Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Erni Djohan - ( Remaco RL 033 )

Band: Zaenal Combo
Conductor: Zaenal Arifin.
Year: 1966
Her second album produced by Remaco.
With sound effects in "Hujan" ( Rain ) : Roaring Thunder.
and in "Samudraku" ( My Ocean ) : The surfing waves.
Also one of the shortest songs ever produced: "Jemput Aku Jam Lima Sore" which lasts only 1 minute and 16 seconds.
All songs on this LP are of good quality. A few to mention; "Kau Selalu Di Hatiku": very intense.
"Mustafa": A song that could fit in "Sinbad" "Ali Baba" or "1001 night'' film.
All the songs are still easy to find as they are many times re-recorded.
The cover of the LP is damaged: The Remaco company used ordinary thin paper.
ATTENTION : The first song of this playlist is not complete because the outer rim of this record is not playable anymore..

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Annie Rae - ( Polydor 2399002 )


"Djatuh Tjinta"
Side 1: The Rollies.
Side 2: Zaenal Combo.

The Polydor label was one of the European labels that venturing into Asia.
This label formed a kind of conglomerate with Philips, Fontana, and Popsound labels, who were even more active in Asia (based in Malaysia, but with many releases of Indonesian bands and singers.
5 songs written by Kosaman Djaja a Sundanese Composer. Probably special for this record, as never heard before by other singers.
Some songs are slow, lounge like. From this catogory Maz's favo is:" Hampa Menanti". ( waiting in vain )
The faster more upbeat ones are more according to M's preferences: "Selamat Tinggal Singapura" ( Goodbye Singapore ) " Bang Becak " ( "Becak Driver" ), maybe you know already, The Becak is a bicycle taxi, already longtime banned from Jakarta's streets.
"Aku Dikibulin" ( I am fooled ) "Hijau Daun Rambutan" ( Green are the leaves of the rambutan tree ) a kind of "Pantun" ( Poem ) sometimes with nonsense rhymes, but also with hidden double meanings, nice pretty beat by the music.
"Suratmu" ("Your letter") just fine in style it. M. likes the most, resembles songs by Ernie Djohan.
"Mengapa Kau Curi Hariku" ( "Why You Stole My Heart" )The guitar sounding like Enteng Tanamal was present.

Another LP album by this singer is "Kahuma" with Sundanese songs.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Bing Slamet & Maya Soha - ( Canary CLP 17013 )

"Mak Comblang"
Band: Zaenal Combo
Conductor: Zaenal Arifin.

A few highlights from this record:
On the cover to be seen both singers dressed at their Jakarta-best, fine for attending social events and festivities.
Maybe they are both discussing the approval of the miniskirt, in the song "Ade Ade Aje" Bing Slamet is upset seeing those modern miniskirts, but Maja Sopa reassures him "it is all in the eye of the beholder, girls are just happy to wear them, so finally he agrees with her.
"Jangan Ragu" ( Don't be upset" )has a fine old Jakarta touch in the melody, a fine composition by Zaenal Arifin.
"Raja Sehari" ( King for one day ) A king was granted to fly for one day, with a pair of wings. So he could fly everywhere, but forgot it was just for one day ( and fell back to earth ). It is almost like the story of Icarus.
About Bing Slamet. He took "Bing" as his first name, because he admired Bing Crosby.
He was a film actor, singer and a member of the Eka Sapta band.
His children are also well known in the entertainment business.
He died in 1974 at a young age, just 46 years old.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Sandra Sanger - ( Mesra MP 6 )

Bands: "Melodi Ria" Conductor: Rachman A. ( songs 1 -4 )
" Sono" Conductor: Herman ( songs 5 -8 )
Probably just 2 records released: this one, and another, also by Mesra ( Dimita ) records.
The other one is with the song "Ayo Mama" , not in Mazefs collection.
There is also a Norma Sanger, maybe her sister. She sings "Gembala Sapi" on Mesra Record MP 17.
"Muntep Rumah Tangga" is in Batak language (?)
p.s. The record is rather damaged, the crachts have been muted by software called " DePopper" which I can recommend.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Elly Kasim - ( Fontana 6455006 )

FONTANA 6455006
"Kudo Djanggo"
Band: Zaenal Combo
Conductor: Zaenal Arifin
Genre: Minang
Year: approx. 1969

Most songs I cannot translate because they are in Minang tongue, with here and there some words I can understand. Maybe the Minangkabau language differs from standard Malay or Indonesian the same way as Dutch from English.
3 songs however in the usual Malay which I can understand:
"Mat Kuantan" it is about a legendary person from long ago, a brave swordfighter. From "Melayu" the Malay peninsula maybe. interesting sound, no wonder, as the composer is the famous Zaenal Arifin.
"Ditaman Firdaus" - In Paradise.
"Adikku Pandai Berjalan" - My ( younger )sister is good in walking around, or she likes ( to much ) going out. It is a kind of funny song which one rather would expect from a singer like Titiek Sandhora. Elly Kasim is at her best in the more or less dark and ominous songs.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Lilis Suryani - ( Irama LPI 175111 )

IRAMA LPI 175111
Band: Orkes "Bayu"
Conductor: F. Parera
The record is from approx 1965
On this records also: own compositions by Lilis Suryani.
Other songs are from Titiek Puspa a singer who also was creative in making her own compositions, she was known already even before Lilis Suryani.
"Sakuntala" has a nice oriental setting, like a soundtrack for an "Alladin" or "1001 nights" film . In fact the name is Sakuntala is from a Sanskriet mythological drama.
"Mohon Diri" is from Sutedjo who also composed the praise-song for President Sukarno, which is on another LP.
"Jali Jali" is a traditional from old Jakarta.